Cities of the Future

The International Water Association (IWA) Cities of the Future program focuses on the increasingly challenging task of achieving a robust and resilient urban water management system. Cities in both developing and developed areas of the world are facing a range of dynamic regional and global pressures including climate change, population growth, urbanization, deterioration of urban infrastructure systems, and more, which affects the sustainability and reliability of water resources. Because of these pressures, there is a need for cities of the future to substantially change the manner in which water is produced, used, and returned to the environment.

The IWA Cities of the Future program aspires to help cities create robust and resilient responses to these change pressures. The responses require new kinds of partnerships and a new sense of the interconnectivity between the different urban services, the people, and the ecosystems that support them. The program facilitates partnerships between water professionals, utilities, consulting firms, city authorities, and urban planners and encourages collaboration to harmonize and re-engineer urban water management systems and develop engineering solutions and techniques for water management.

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