Patel Center for Global Solutions


The Patel Center for Global Solutions develops research that creates solutions for sustainability development in a rapidly-changing world. Its research is based upon USF’s broad, interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of water, public health, energy, global security, and social equity. This interdisciplinary approach provides a fertile foundation for the development of unique solutions to emerging and existing problems.

The Patel Center for Global Solutions provides cutting-edge research and emphasizes developing appropriate transfer mechanisms so that it can be applied on the ground. Focus areas include challenges surrounding the development of resilient, livable, and healthy cities of the future, particularly in the developing world. Research generated at the College is key to the development of the global sustainable cities agenda.

Key Research Areas

  • Global change and the associated uncertainties
  • Urban form and its influence and impact on resource management
  • Urban metabolism – modelling resources flows (water, wastes, energy, people, goods…..)
  • Urban water – integrated urban water modelling, flexible design, transitioning