The Office of Sustainability at USF

The Office of Sustainability coordinates and builds partnerships for university-wide initiatives that advance the University of South Florida’s strategic goal of creating a sustainable campus environment. To accomplish this mission, we actively support faculty, staff, students, alumni, and neighborhood partners in their efforts to transform the University of South Florida into a ‘Green University’, where decisions structural and routine consider both individual and collective impacts to our campus, community, economy, and environment. As citizen-scholar activists, we share a sustainability ethic that promotes conserving resources, reducing waste, recycling and reusing materials, finding new sources of clean energy, increasing energy efficiency, and diminishing life-cycle impacts and our consumption of greenhouse gas producing materials. We engage in this ethic of stewardship to guide the development and implementation of programs, policies, and other courses of action in the operation and management of the University of South Florida system as well as its institutional teaching, research, and service commitments.

  • Strengthening and supporting integrated and synergistic interdisciplinary research across disciplinary, departmental, college and campus boundaries (Strategic Goal 1)
  • Building a sustainable campus environment at USF (Strategic Goal 2)
  • Constructing an up-to-date clearinghouse of information about all the sustainability engagement activities currently occurring at USF and encouraging and rewarding faculty, staff, and student engagement in sustainability initiatives (Strategic Goal 3)
  • Creating a sustainable environment that supports an expanded and improved teaching and research mission, a more engaged residential community, and a university-based global village (Strategic Goal 4)


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